David Clarke

Wizened Author/Artist


David appears to be an ordinary looking man in his mid twenties with black hair, blue eyes and a slight but permanent scowl. He’s rarely seen in short sleeves or shorts, usually keeping his body covered with multiple layers of cloth. The reason for this becomes obvious to those who can see him for what he really is: a maelstrom of inky letters constantly crawls over his skin, often displaying random gibberish but occasionally revealing David’s thoughts and emotions.


David claims that his past in the mortal world is very cloudy but in truth he simply chooses to forget since it wasn’t very interesting to him. Instead he recalls the first time he arrived in Arcadia as his “past.” Through dark dealings with a being of Fae origins he was placed in charge of a library from which he couldn’t escape. It was full of tomes describing the most fantastic of creatures and paintings depicting both the beasts and the scholars who studied them. The problem with this amazing resource was that from time to time words would slip from their tomes and coalesce into actual monsters! David spent some of his time coaxing them back into their books but would sometimes have to rewrite parts of the text in order to keep them from escaping in the first place.

David Clarke

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