Darkling Whisperwisp


A tall, slightly stocky man stands with the group. His long white coat tattered at the edges and wide brimmed hat braced against the howling winds. His skin is as pale as snow and his eyes a sharp blue. The collar of his coat pulled up tight against his face to protect himself from the assailing rain, yet you can see his thin cracked lips move trying to speak. You almost expect to hear no sound from him over the gale but his voice is just strong enough to whisper directly in your ear.


Herman Schuler was born in the year 1898. At the age of 27 his life seemed to be in perfect order for the time. He had served his country in WW1 and returned a man of his own making. He had a good job, a sweetheart he was thinking of asking to marry, he was one of the first in his town to invest in a Model T and was about to put an offer down on a house. Then he was taken. He even in all his trying doesn’t remember what the cause was or making any unreasonable agreements thinking back, so he suspected looking back it was a random snatching. He stayed for so long he went mad, but a group helped him make the agreement to leave. They were all given roses to give to others. Those others would be taken in their place at the end of the allotted time. Those who couldn’t find someone to give their rose to were sent back. Hermes had slowly adjusted back to life in the real world, everything he had now lost. It was 1948 and he found that “Herman Schuler” was still alive, alone in a nursing home at the age of 50 suffering from dementia. He took on the name “Jason Mercury” trying to build a new life for himself. He opted to give his rose away, it was white as the freshest snow. He found a child on a playground, she was quiet and those around her shunned her leaving her to play by herself. Not wanting to spook her or those around her, he used his new talents to blend into the shadows and followed her home. While she slept he planted the rose in her garden. Powered by the energies of Arcadia it instantly grew into a bush, as if it had been there for many years. It was only a matter of time until the girl picked and kept one of the white roses. He tried to console himself by saying she would find new strength, friends and a better life than what she had now but the guilt ate at him anyways. He returned to his daily life, trying to forget the sin he committed against the child. He fell in love, grew stronger with in the circles he travelled and crafted the hollow. He had to buy out the building it was connected to so that it wouldn’t be discovered but his motley shared the building as his renters and life was good. Then in 1952 the journals come to an abrupt end. Only one entry remains after this dated May 17, 2015.

Hermes had 3 ID’s in his wallet:
Herman Schuler (1920s)
Jason Mercury (1940s)
Fred Hackman (2015)


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