Fairest Flowering


Name: Juliette
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering
Court: Courtless
Age: Believes she’s 21
Height: 5’11”
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Nationality: Iranian American

Juliette has no memory of her time in Arcadia, but she assumes she must have been a gardener, or even a garden itself. As a human she was very plain and went largely unnoticed by most people. Not ugly, simply boring. As a changeling she is a stark contrast, now a tall beauty with curly black hair and bright yellow eyes. Thorny vines wrap around her neck and weave through her hair. With power she can grow the vines down her body around her torso, arms and legs. There are red roses that form somewhat of a headband, while the vines around her neck et al. tend to have just buds. The roses are very active and they change depending on her mood. When she is happy they are in bloom, when she is sad they wilt. When she is tired they are closed and when she is angry they darken in color.


Juliette does not know if that is her real name. She says she just connects with it on some level. She was born in 1958 and has an older sister whose name also escapes her. While her sister was very beautiful with light skin and bright blue eyes, Juliet was very plain; practically ignored by everyone at school and left to her own devices while her parents and relatives havered nonstop at how perfect her sister was, and how she’d find a husband in no time.

Since she wasn’t a grand beauty herself, Juliette was attracted to the beauty of nature. She loved plants and flowers; deciding she was going to be a botanist when she grew up. While making plenty of friends in grade school, she focused intently in college on her field of study. She was very smart and a quick learner, joining many extracurricular activities including a forestry club.

The forest behind Stockton University is engrossed in urban legends about strange disappearances and sightings of the Jersey Devil. That didn’t scare the forestry club though. Juliette’s most recent memories involve taking a camping trip in to the Pine Barrens to photograph pink lady’s slipper and other orchids. She recalls hearing strange noises at night, and everyone going to investigate together… Safety in numbers, after all.
No one returned to camp that night, news sources say. The campsite had been discovered with most of the club’s belongings still there; things torn up most likely by local wildlife. The investigation lasted well over a year, but eventually the case went cold and most believe the group got lost and died of exposure.


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