Lindsey Keller

Beast Coldscale


An effeminate student with a quiet, yet friendly demeanor. Lindsey’s eyes look like that of a snake, with a slit pupil and a reptilian colored irises.
Lindsey’s arms are covered in black scales from the shoulder to the back of the hand, with explosions of color randomly positioned throughout. The color patches seem to burst like fireworks, depending on what angle they are seen.


Lindsey’s mother wanted a daughter, but she got a son. This simple fact is the root cause of everything Lindsey is and has gone through. As Lindsey grew, his mother became more resentful and heaped ever greater responsibilities on Lindsey. He was forced to wear female clothing around the house, he was required to be at the top of his grade in academics, and he was never allowed to talk back. Her mood swings terrified Lindsey. School, even with all the bullies who had a perfect target in a short girlish looking Lindsey, was still a reprieve from the tyranny at home. Life only started looking up when Lindsey met his first real friend, Jason Tyrael. Jason is brilliant but lazy, only using his intelligence to terrorize bullies and Lindsey was perfect bait. Lindsey knew that Jason wasn’t a particularly all together in the head, but he kept Lindsey safe and they did eventually begin chatting like real friends. Ava Shirazi is Lindsey’s best friend, despite Lindsey knowing little about her. His powers of observation and empathy seemed to fail at this strange girl who showed up in class, and almost immediately started doing his hair into the style he still wears and talking as if they had known each other forever.

Lindsey Keller

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