Pilfered Roses


The Birth of Terry Czar

We need to pay rent on our hollow and I have no earthly idea how to do that. A message is at our hollow asking for us to find someone woman referred to as the Five of Hearts. She is somewhere in the hedge behind a supermarket. Julliette has returned and all three of us go out to try and find this woman. Apparently we will be paid if we do. Finding the door was tricky. I had to really try to find it as it was in a trash compactor.

I have no words for the hedge. It is made of cardboard, some of it being painted by… goblins? Gnomes? I have no idea. Julliette is helping them for information, which is a smart move. I have been noticing interesting things in the area, one more of my contracts. The… little creature led us to a desert that seemed to loop around on itself. This place hurts my head. I generally have good direction sense, but this place confuses the hell out of me. We made it to a convenience store. Some guy outside knows about our woman and said he would help. He walked off. An apron fell out of the newspaper he gave me and Julliette now apparently works here. I think we may have been swindled. The boss man is angry and Julliette ran off into the hedge. I worry for her continued survival.

Just like David. Excellent distraction.

I found some maps of the area inside, but I have no idea how to pay for them. An idea. I put on the apron and become an employee. Seems all trade here is on the barter system. Some changelings come in and try to pay with some goblin fruit. I talk them up to telling me about this Five of Hearts. Excellent, some direction. I promptly quit.

This place is brutal. After walking for a while, I can barely keep conscious, I hurt so much. David knows about some berries in here (I have to ask him about that later) that heal me up. Julliette found a rusty knife. I grab it as she clearly doesn’t know how to handle it. Berry juice works on it? Weird. We take some extra berries and head onward.

We found her but something is buzzing like bees except lower. I try to go forward but something slashed at me. I throw a stick into the mix. Apparently I his something. I go in and stab it. It IS a bee. A huge mantis armed bee called a “Slasher” (really need to ask how David knows this). We run as the bees are now angry. I ask Julliette to act as a distraction and hide. After the bees pass, I try to wake up the woman. It worked and the bees leave.

She is part of the freehold. Excellent. But Lisa lied. Apparently she sells our kind out to the monsters that made us like this. I’m going to ki… going to figure out what is going on. That Beth girl might be dead or taken already.

The freehold is… different from what I expected. I quickly get hold of a winter court official to tell her about Hermes death. She is a wealth of knowledge and thinks I might be an asset to winter. I don’t know, as the power gap between us is a gulf. I get the knife upgraded after that, and I get a new ID. I shouldn’t say my real name now, so I am Terry Czar.

I need to talk to Norah more, but she wants to talk in private. That is fine with me. Lisa is going to have to wait.

Patience Lindsey. Don’t act rash. This is a great start, but prudent action can make this great. Listen and learn.


+1 XP (You should be at 11 Total now)


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