Pilfered Roses


I’m in a hurricane with some other people standing around me. A literal flower girl, a man with writing on his face and a detective looking guy. I don’t remember how I got here, wherever here is. I need to have a look around, I don’t like being unsure like this. Except when it comes to Ava. I hope she is okay. Focus, I need to know where I am if I am ever going to have a chance of seeing her again. The others look just as confused. I feel a little better. At least I am not the only one. They are following me for cover. When we get to the street I see a car with a Tennessee license plate. That places me where, now I need when. The detective guy just opened a door to a factory with some OCD ritual. And now we are in a hotel. Mustn’t panic. Don’t lose control, or people get angry. Just listen and observe.

Just a week after I disappeared on the class trip. We were taken by fairies or aliens or a combination of the two. We are now… different. Hermes, the detective, seems hesitant to reveal information. The other two know nothing.

Woke up and quickly found myself in Boston. Didn’t see the other three leave, but I am home and I can get back to mom.

Something is wrong. Mom hasn’t turned on me once in a month. Not even for disappearing, which I know should have been a trigger. People keep changing, classes keep changing, books keep changing. Jason is the only one acting normal, but he is so abnormal, that I wonder if I just can’t tell the difference.

It was all a dream. A month long dream that Hermes put us in. He is dead now, apparently paid the price for his hubris. David seems to think it was Juliette. I don’t believe it, but I will go along for now.

This is really frustrating. I have no home, no friends, and a couple of college age people who are very unsure of how to keep us supported. I need to find another one of us. I need answers.

The dead body of Hermes… I didn’t feel anything. No anger, no sadness, nothing. How much of me has changed?


+1 XP (Officially)

Thank you for adding Lindsey’s personal view of the first session. It is great to see the inner workings of his mind. You play him so calm and calculating that it is nice to see the inner panic.


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