Pilfered Roses


Winter Office of Strategic Services

We got paid for that job in cash, but I still have no idea what the hotel hollow wants as rent. It doesn’t want money… Don’t we own this place anyway? And where are my freaking towels? I haven’t seen one in days.

So the court monarchs are arguing like crazy over something. That’s a shame, because I need to talk to Norah. At least I can get some training in while I wait. A guy about my size named Ryan helps out with both garrote and knife tactics. He also has some advice on subtle hints that I am not to be trifled with. He likes my smile, but thinks I can do more. I like him, seems smart and professional.

I found out a bit more on what it means to be winter. The Armory group is all winter and they have a good amount of knowledge concerning the court. They can’t make the offer to me, but according to Norah, I am already perfect for the court. I just need to be asked. As soon as she gets out…

In a couple of days…

What the hell are the arguing about?

I am running out of ideas on what to give the hollow. These things seem to be run on emotion, but nothing I present is working. What am I doing wrong? David has an idea that maybe it requires something from the 1940’s. Good call. That seems to have worked. I do have one last question about this though. I tried for something that would mean something to me. Since I am apparently going to be in the sneaky spy court, I tried going for an old OSS medal. If I turn that in, will it pay for more than just two weeks rent? If not, I am going to find some website with bulk 1940’s pictures and/or paraphernalia and call it a life.

Finally got some proof that Ava exists. She looks terrible though. Looks like whatever she went through was pretty bad. And my doppelganger won’t even try to show any comfort. I might need to go up there myself. I want her to know that I am still here. I have a picture of her in my room now, courtesy of Jason. He is doing a lot for me, I have no idea how to pay him back for all this.

Finally, Norah is available. She is a wealth of knowledge. Most importantly is a war is brewing. Spring thinks themselves lords of the freehold, paying off Summer to not care, but Fall is getting angry and gathering power and influence. Norah, Winter, and her (well our) allies are trying to prevent this but other concerns have cropped up. A shadow court made up of changelings who don’t like the new order and want to bring it down. They are also gathering strength. And Lisa is helping them.

Norah has made it clear that I am her agent now and my help will be called upon. I think she has great expectations of me. I can’t let her down.

I tried asking David about his knowledge of Hedge creatures. He tried to wave it off with being a monster wrangler, but that is not going to be sufficient. I let drop that I know his most terrifying scene, see if that loosens his tongue. It didn’t. I know Ryan said to trust my Motley mates, but it is getting harder and harder to trust David.

What to do, what to do?



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