Character Creation

Books I am allowing:
World of Darkness (core)
Changeling: the Lost (core)
Autumn Nightmares
Winter Masques
Rites of Spring
Lords of Summer
The Equinox Road
Night Horrors: Grim Fears
Dancers in the Dusk
Swords at Dawn
Armory: Reloaded
Merit Compendium: Mortal and Changeling. Some merits may require GM approval.

You will be starting as a full Changeling just returned from Arcadia, this however is not an excuse to ignore who your character was previously. This is going to be a heavily roleplay oriented game.

You do not need to own any of these books, most of this information is available free online:
Changeling Seemings/Kiths, Contracts & Merits
Complete Merit List

I would like from you:
1 Page (at least) character background, pre-Arcadia, including profession(s), friends and family that are important, education level and hobbies. Please give some thoughts to what motivates them, their pet peeves and their personality traits. (This will help me craft story points specifically for your character.)
For this game you do not need to detail your time in Arcadia or who your keeper was during that time. Create your changeling however you like and I will fit them to the True Fae I know who had you during your time over there.

*Must be 18 or Older to Play – It is a Modern/Horror theme which may contain sexual, drug or alcohol themes, strong language and/or violence and gore.

Character Sheets: By Mr.Gone
I recommend the 2 or 4 sheet versions.

I am always available to answer questions or help with character building so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Character Creation

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